Janeanne Gilchrist is a Photographic artist and Image-maker currently working and living in Edinburgh Scotland who graduated from Napier University in 1996 with a BA (hons) in Photography. She has stepped back commercially a few years ago to turn her focus mainly on landscape and nature subjects for personal and fine art work. Janeanne uses photography as a means to document her world, making images that call attention to things that other people overlook. This exploration of the overlooked helps her engage more deeply with where she is in space and time exploring subconscious emotional memories.

I have been free diving in various locations in the Scottish seas for the last 10 years. On my underwater expeditions I have discovered a whole new beautiful world where gravity doesn’t apply and everything is in constant flux.

I am challenging and exploring my own limits with working in the aquatic environment shooting under the water capturing unseen moments. 

For further information to acquire, commission or know more about my work please email: janeannegilchrist@me.com